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Golos: Hazed and Confused

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Introducing Golos: Hazed and Confused

Golos: Hazed and Confused is a deck that focuses on abusing the upkeep step as much as possible. Within the deck is 49 different cards that have the text "at the beginning of your upkeep" on them making for some very interesting and sometimes confusing games.

The reason why I built this deck is because I've always wanted to build a 5 color deck, but I wanted to do it differently, this is because far too often I feel Golos decks and many other five color decks are very redundant and lack originality and creativity.
When building this deck I looked at a bunch of other EDH upkeep decks and realized that they all seem to barely push the needle for how many "upkeep" cards are in the deck. I want my deck to be balls to the wall in terms of the "upkeep". I saw decks that had 20 - 30 "upkeep" cards in them and to me that's weak and lame. My deck has 49, That is nearly half the deck! I have yet to see another EDH upkeep deck that runs more.

Honestly, I want to add more upkeep cards, but I feel I have the best ones in the deck already, and I cannot justify taking out my ramp, Enduring Ideal or the many ways I can copy Paradox Haze.

Below are some tips on piloting the deck.

Token Making

Personally the upkeep token makers in this deck are my favorites cards to get out because they can become a problem for the table very quickly and I love having blockers. The token makers I've included in this deck are Assemble the Legion, Awakening Zone, Bitterblossom, Bringer of the Green Dawn, Creakwood Liege, Dragonmaster Outcast, Endless Ranks of the Dead, Honden of Life's Web, Luminous Angel, Master of the Wild Hunt, Mirror-Sigil Sergeant, Nath of the Gilt-Leaf, Dragon Broodmother, Thopter Spy Network, Outlaws' Merriment, From Beyond and Verdant Force

Card Advantage

I think many of us can agree that card advantage is one of the most important aspects to magic the gathering. Many cards that grant card draw trigger on the upkeep, that is why I have included the following cards Bringer of the Blue Dawn, Honden of Seeing Winds, Phyrexian Arena, and Twilight Prophet.

Life Gain

Life gain, while not the most important part of magic, it is still nice to have a way to gain life and feel safer in the games. That is why I've included the following cards. Honden of Cleansing Fire,Twilight Prophet, Gerrard Capashen and Venser's Journal.

Where's the Removal?

As you are probably noticing, there is not much removal in this deck. A wise friend once said "My deck is all questions and no answers" and I decided to follow that when I built this deck.

World Queller while alone is half decent, the only issue is that it effects your own board too. But when World Queller and Dominus of Fealty are both in play you can order the stack to take ANY permanent (including lands) from any opponent and then trigger World Queller to sacrifice their own things that you just gained control of with Dominus of Fealty. With multiple upkeeps from Paradox Haze this can be a brutal combo.

Additionally, Honden of Infinite Rage + Form of the Dragon Can handle some creatures through targeted damage.

Cheating things in with Insidious Dreams

Insidious Dreams with Golos is busted. Simply discard 3 cards and tutor for anything to push you further ahead. These are my favorite 3 card wombos to grab.

Form of the Dragon + Solitary Confinement + Privileged Position

This is best to do when you are in a serious pickle and are about to lose and need protection. Both Form of the Dragon and Solitary Confinement can protect you, and the Privileged Position will protect your permanents. May be a good idea to substitute Privileged Position with Enduring Ideal to then go and grab Privileged Position, this way on the next turn you can grab something like Honden of Seeing Winds to keep getting card draw so that you can afford the discard upkeep cost for Solitary Confinement.

Dragon Broodmother + Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps

If you want to put a huge target on your back be my guest. This combo is insane

Paradox Haze + Estrid's Invocation + Savor the Moment

This is great to do when you already have a very strong and established board. This will make it so that you have three upkeeps.

Endless Ranks of the Dead + The Scarab God + Field of the Dead

The Scarab God and a lot of Zombies means trouble. Especially being able to scry a ton with Golos.

Honden of Cleansing Fire + Honden of Life's Web + Honden of Infinite Rage

The shrines are no joke, especially when you get all five of them out

Keeper of Keys + Savor the Moment + Maelstrom Wanderer

Unblockable creatures, another upkeep, and all of your creatures have haste. Great to do if you have a lot of counters on Assemble the Legion.

Deadbridge Chant + Debtors' Knell + Reya Dawnbringer

This one is great if you already have a lot of strong creatures in your hand, you can discard them when paying for Insidious Dreams and then be able to bring 2 of them TO PLAY for free on your next turn. Plus, Deadbridge Chant Put the top 10 cards of your library into the graveyard, so hopefully some strong creatures would get milled too.

Gerrard Capashen + Venser's Journal + Savor the Moment

This is good to do if an opponent is playing something that is causing you to lose life a lot rather than take damage. If you were taking damage grabbing Solitary Confinement would be better.

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Blood Tyrant Drain a ton of life and get massive flyers. After a couple of turns you would probably win.

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Creakwood Liege This can get out of hand very quickly. Creakwood Liege buffs green and black creatures, it wouldn't take long to have a ton of big worm tokens.

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Dominus of Fealty Take everything from your opponents! All of it.

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Dragonmaster Outcast This is okay, but the Dragon Broodmother version is significantly better.

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Master of the Wild Hunt This one is great for destroying creatures your opponents control.

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Mirror-Sigil Sergeant In paper, this is a nightmare to play with but pretty funny. Your board will become MASSIVE very quickly

Progenitor Mimic + Followed Footsteps + Twilight Prophet You can wipe out your opponents very quickly with a lot of Twilight Prophet's


Updates Add

After playing two decks recently that took my permanents I've decided to add Homeward Path to the deck.

It's an amazing land that is extremely useful. Additionally, If I know that I am playing a deck that steals things I can grab it early on with Golos, Tireless Pilgrim.

I'm hoping taking out a green source of mana will not effect things too much. I did not want to take out any blue because I have so many blue symbols in the deck.


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