Golos is on a pilgrimage to find the most efficient combos to run in his deck.

The Hulk piles in this deck:

If you have to fight through hate or expect interaction during Hulk activations, a protective pile can be played before your actual pile:

Double protection or hate breaking can be done with another pile and another black mana. Target the part that disables repeated hulking first, then use Phantasmal Image to get answers to anything that could inhibit the actual win.

  • Eternal Witness , any protection or hate breaker with CMC up to 3 with the Witness bringing back Reanimate to reanimate and sac Hulk another time
  • or Eternal Witness , Phantasmal Image , any CMC 1 body with Witness bringing back Renamiate and Image copying Spellseeker to find any instant or sorcery to solve problems

Stuff that prevents Hulk working in the first place like Hushbringer , Containment Priest or Grafdigger's Cage need to be taken care of manually first. Note to self: don't hulk into them, it will make you sad.

There are slow and manual lines to combos in the deck, too. Don't disregard them, because quite often you have to take those routes due to cards in hand:


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