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I fell in love with Agent of the Fates when it was previewed and opened 2 for the prerelease--where it kicked butt. This deck evolved around the idea of finding a way to make the Agent Standard viable.

I branched into green to take advantage of Warriors' Lesson and some powerful anti-removal cards, then figured adding Tormented Hero would be a good idea since triggering Heroic is already on the deck's list of priorities and I don't have any other cheap creatures.. Black/Green also allows me to run the 3 best spot removal spells in the format (Doom Blade, Abrupt Decay, and Hero's Downfall). Plus I already own a playset of Overgrown Tombs. Hythonia is in there because she and Gaze of Granite are the only sweepers in black/green and I decided I liked her better. I'm not 100% on the Gray Merchants, but my logic was that they'll either win the game when they come down or buy me more time. Between 4 Tombs and 4 Thoughtseize, I'm concerned about self-inflicted wounds (that's the big reason I don't have Read the Bones in the deck). I am concerned that I'm running too many 5-drops.

As for the sideboard: Against black-heavy decks, Doom Blades go out for Dark Betrayal.
Against anything heavy on removal that isn't Doom Blade, Ranger's Guile and Witchstalkers go in.
Lifebane Zombie goes in against creature-heavy Green/White builds, as should be obvious.


RamonGrizzly says... #1

I really like this list, I'm planning to do something similar. Only suggestions I can think of is instead of Giant Growth use Ranger's Guile for some nasty creature protection that triggers heroic. And instead of Centaur Battlemaster I think running some more black devotion creatures like Reaper of the Wilds would fit nicely.

September 28, 2013 2:31 p.m.

AustereSpoon says... #2

I too love Agent of the Fates, and have been looking for a way to make him into my deck... I like the idea but some things I think you need to consider are: 1.) You need more bottom of the curve type stuff... your lowest cost creature is 3, then 2 sets at 5, and one bomb at 6. I would look for things like Lotleth Troll maybe, or Slitherhead (or both of them as they work great together) so you have any chance vs Aggro decks. If you had to choose between cutting the Gray Merchant of Asphodel, or the Centaur Battlemaster I think the Grey Merchant has less of a home in this deck. He belongs in a mono black where he can be recursed a few times, not here. The Centaur Battlemaster is an awesome card and I loved him in the pre-release, but for 5 mana in standard you need to do a lot, best case scenario this guy comes out on 5, does not get removed, and then you are able to target him with something, either Giant Growth or Warriors Lesson and he becomes a 6/6/ for 6. Certainly not bad, but he might be trumped my something else. I really like Reaper of the Wilds, as 4 drop, the optional deathtouch and optional hexproof really do work, and you get to skry every time the Agent of the Fates kills something which is cool.

Overall I really like the idea, and I too will be looking for the winning combo of BG to make the Agent work, but I think you need to lower that curve a little to give this deck a chance at all in standard....

October 2, 2013 9:32 a.m.

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