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Golgari Adventure Knights

Standard BG (Golgari) Combo


The goal of this deck is to hold out til you can kill your opponent with Lucky Clover 'd Curry Favors. The ideal opening is turn 1 forest, Edgewall Innkeeper , turn 2 swamp Lucky Clover , turn 3 Fertile Footsteps. From there it is a matter of maintain control of the board, with your multiplied Swift Ends, and slowly building up the number of Knights you control until:

(CF + (CF x LC)) x Knights >= Opponents Life

Where CF = Curry Favor in Hand, LC = Lucky Clovers in play, Knights = Knights you control on the battlefield.

Order of Midnight should allow you to play out some of your Smitten Swordmaster s and use them as chump blockers. It is also useful to cast the Swift Ends without enough targets so the Murderous Rider gets sent to the graveyard instead of the adventure zone so they can be retrieved with Order of Midnight . If this combo doesn't work, you can always just smash face with the Beanstalk Giant s.


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