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Golem Fights Dino




This is a (Very) first draft of a deck that is looking to play with the interaction between Golden Guardian  Flip and Ripjaw Raptor. Fight your Ripjaw, draw a card and flip your Guardian. This is a mono-green ramp deck that is looking to play some big finishers including Ghalta, Primal Hunger which will hopefully be cheap to cast (often 4 mana) and Polyraptor, which is the other fight target for the Golem. Thunderherd Migration and Drover of the Mighty provide the early game ramp. Savage Stomp is the interaction, but Pounce is also a consideration due to being an instant. Wayward Swordtooth helps to turn on Rhonas and makes Ghalta way cheaper while also ramping. It seems like it could be good but we shall see. Ranging Raptors can help block early/mid-game with the benefit of ramping if it dies/takes damage. Rhonas the Indomitable is fairly easy to turn on in this deck and is great at blocking a Hazoret. He also requires an answer or he can end the game fairly quickly. Commune with Dinosaurs provides some card advantage and can help find the finishers or a land on turn 1. I put in a single Monstrous Onslaught to live the dream of casting it with a Ghalta, Primal Hunger on the battlefield.

As I said, this is a first draft and will likely change given new spoilers and playtesting. Please offer suggestions and +1 if you like the deck. Thanks for stopping by and happy brewing!


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