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Introduction: Hello, and thank you to anybody who takes the time to read this. A little context might help any of you kind enough to offer feedback. My playgroup is very casual; family, friends and the occasional Friday Night Magic up at the game shop. I like tribal synergies where I can find them, and my decks are generally designed with particular attention to flavor. I really appreciate feedback that keeps this in mind. Budget is moderate. I generally don’t want to go more than fifty on a card, unless it is a card that the deck absolutely needs.

Deck Synopsis: I designed this deck initially as a throwaway mono-white deck to complement my cycle of mono-colored EDH decks, but piloting it has turned out to be a ton of fun! The deck is intended to be a low-to-the-ground (for EDH) aggro deck, using cheap creatures and bounce effects to accrue a truly ridiculous army of Vigilant zombies.

Strategy: The deck operates along two axis. The first is using an array of bounce effects on creatures (who hopefully have enters or leaves the battlefield synergies) to accrue a large army of zombies. In essence, it’s a twisted version of white weenie, with the caveat that the “weenie”s we’re talking about are 4/4 Vigilant zombies, not dinky little 1/1s. This side of the deck is enabled by cards like Kor Skyfisher , Dust Elemental and Stormfront Riders . Cards like Overwhelming Splendor and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite are serious payoffs when this strategy takes off.

The second axis is the Voltron package. God-Eternal Oketra is secretly a powerhouse on her own. She is insanely hard to get rid of, and double-strike on a commander is extremely powerful. Cards like Brawler's Plate and On Serra's Wings enable her to kill an opponent via commander damage very rapidly. I’ve found I prefer equipment over auras in this deck, because equipment falls off of her when she dies, but stays on the board unlike an aura.

Ideally, these two halves will work together to form a powerful and aggressive whole. Call for Unity and Odric, Lunarch Marshal provide serious payoffs that meld these two strategies together quite nicely.


-I’m not entirely sold on my ramp package. Gilded Lotus is a fine card and all, but it’s another non-creature spell in a deck that wants mostly creatures. Any good mana-dorks I should throw in?

-In a shocking turn of events, the mono-white deck struggles with card draw, especially in the early game.

-I’m going to have to breakdown and buy Teferi's Protection , aren’t I?

Conclusion: Thanks again to all of you who’ve taken the time to look at my deck. This is the first one I’ve posted to TappedOut, and I’m excited to see what feedback I get on it.

EDIT 8-3-2019: Updated deck description to keep formatting consistent with my other decks.

EDIT 8-8-2019: Further formatting updates as I iron out the kinks in my process.


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