A simple Goblin deck I built for a friend of mine who is just getting back into Magic. It is surprisingly fast and effective. Not sure what I'm going to do with some of these cards come rotation (not sure what to replace).

This particular build has officially been RETIRED as of 10/05/2012. Leaving up for funsies.


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The biggest issues the deck faced were mirrors and threats. Without access to Bonfire of the Damned, I had to make due, and started to run Devil's Play. It's mana intensive and I have to be reactive, but the first one I put in managed to take down the first of many Huntsman of the Fells.

Volcanic Strength, Shrine of Burning Rage, Traitorous Blood, and Artillerize were strictly for mirrors. Mountainwalk was invaluable, especially on a Hellrider, while the Shrine allowed some extra damage in. Traitorous Blood allowed for some Goblin Grenade shenanigans, and Artillerize allowed for some in response sacing.

The deck was then changed again, allowing more creatures, aiming for more goblins, and keeping massive damage to the face. The sideboard is what has changed drastically, as it allows the deck to go up against various other deck types.


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