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So, I haven't played Magic in years until a guy I knew roped me back in. My group plays mostly casual under Vintage rules (i.e. if its broken, don't use it). None of us has the card power to be overly abusive, but I will occasionally run into "game-over" cards like Necropotenceand Mind Twist. But the primary emphasis is on having fun, and for me, fun on a budget. (like, $20 budget)

My favorite card in the game is Goblin Grenade . Why? It's hilarious! The concept of one of the dumb little green guys scrambling over to the opponent going "Heehee ... BOOM!" just cracks me up. Around the time I stopped playing they came out with something similar: Shrapnel Blast. What's better than 4 Grenades? 8 Grenades! I never got around to making a decent deck around the two before I quit playing, and to be honest, I don't think the cards existed to do so. (A deck that makes Goblin Replica a keystone? C'mon ...)

Well, I'm back in the game, so here's my 1st crack at the budget artifact goblin deck based on the 'Nade and the Blast. All cards I already own, or are pretty darn cheap. I'd definitely be happy with some input.

Definitely room for improvement. The curve is kind of awkward at the 2 cmc slot. Suggestions are more than welcome.

Logic behind card choicesLands

Darksteel Citadel: Blast target, indestructible until then.

Contested War Zone : Aggro PWNage!

Great Furnace : Blast target. Also, remember, vintage rules, so not banned. Besides, my affinity deck running artifact lands doesn't auto-win in my meta. Although, I also only have one Ravager and no Skullclamps ... so ya know, I guess that makes sense ... whatever, tangent!

I could probably do some more shenanigans with lands, I just haven't done the research on cheap lands to get that would work in the deck.


Adaptive Automaton: What the Replica wishes it was back when I first attempted the deck; a 2/2 artifact goblin for 3 with a good ability instead of a crappy one. Also, all my non-Goblins happen to be Constructs, so if I get a low Goblin/high construct draw, I can still get some mileage out of this guy.

Goblin Arsonist: I stopped playing while Mogg Fanatic was still amazing. I was very sad about his downgrade when I found out about the new rules. Then I discovered the Arsonist. This guy works with the Grenade in a way the Fanatic never did.

Goblin Piledriver: Obvious choice. I happen to have one from back in the day. I'm not investing in more.

Memnite : Easy target for the Blast. More synergies to follow.

Chimeric Mass : See above. Nice versatility.

Tuktuk the Explorer : I love this guy! Got some serious flavor! Also a fantastic target for the Grenade. Plus, after being a target for the Grenade, he becomes a target for the Blast! A shoe-in. I'm running 3 because of legendary issues (and mana curve issues, for that matter), but since he's dying multiple times anyways, 4 would probably be fine.

I'm considering Goblin Sledder . Great card, especially with the Arsonist and TukTuk running around breaking stuff. Also on the table: Goblin Bushwhacker and Goblin Wardriver.

Other Spells

Galvanic Blast: Powers up fast between the artifact lands and 0 cmc drops.

Goblin Grenade : "Heehee ... BOOM!" -'Nough said.

Kuldotha Rebirth : Having 3 1/1's on turn one thanks to the 0 cmc drops is pretty slick. Also makes use of unnecessary land later on. And makes Grenade targets. I like.

Lightning Bolt: Its Lightning Bolt, which should be pretty self explanatory. Between the the Grenade and the two Blasts, I would imagine the burn efficiency of this deck would be pretty scary from the other side. Burning away what you couldn't hit with the little green guys is very doable with this deck. At least, I think so ... I haven't playtested yet.

Shrapnel Blast: "Heehee ... BOOM! ... Again!"

Well there ya go. I think this will be a really fun deck to play, especially for its bargain bin pricing. Keep in mind that for any suggestions, I'd like to keep it to under a dollar. Unless its a REALLY REALLY good suggestion. (i.e. tell me why I should put it in, and what I should take out. If I'm gonna shell out money, there better be a good reason.)

Whaddaya think?


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