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Goblin Assault [Budget Tribal Aggro]

Modern Aggro Budget Goblins Mono-Red Tribal



Quite cheap (for now about 70 bucks) mono-red Goblin deck mostly from cards I had for a long time unused + cards that helped this deck reach higher tier plays
Suggestions, comments and +1 are welcome if you like this deck
Also if you want to add this deck to your folder, give +1 first I appericiate that a lot :)


So finally as a reward for standing its ground I've decided to give this deck some new toys, namely Legion Loyalist and Frenzied Goblin and additional Goblin Chieftain to make this deck even more effective.
But still, main focus is also at keeping this deck quite cheap so I won't add Goblin Guide any time soon, unless it'll have another reprint - hope you understand my decision

Also made a little clean up, so you can add some new comments and I'll gladly answer all of them :)

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This deck is Modern legal.

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