Goats, Goats, Goats!


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This is a Tribal Wars deck I made to be the most unique deck there. Of course, I'm trying to make it win as well, so I'd appreciate all the help I can get. -

Please do note that I'm on a budget, so try to keep the cost of cards below $2. :<



ascendant23 says... #1

Cool deck! Goat tribal rocks. Three suggestions:

Trading Post any card that lets you buy a goat for 1 mana + 1 life NEEDS to be in this deck.

Brion Stoutarm AKA The Goatchucker, to fling your pumped up goats at the other guy.

Goatnapper for the sideboard in case you have a mirror matchup against another goat tribal deck. Hey, it could happen, right?

March 19, 2013 7:41 a.m.

ascendant23 says... #2

Also, cast Scapegoat on your goat so you can return all your goat herders to your hand and recast it to make more goats.

Adaptive Automaton becomes a cyborg goat that can buff all your other goats.

March 19, 2013 7:46 a.m.

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