Inspired by Totes McGoats( ) by Spicy Brews.

Okay so basically . . . goats

. . . yeah

Turn One

We've got 8 Borderposts ( Fieldmist and Wildfield ). Odds are 93% that you'll have one in your opening hand. Place down your plains or island. Tap it for one mana. Cast the Borderpost and return the land to your hand. You're gonna wanna do this every turn you can; trust me on this.

Turn Two

Pull a Borderpost if you can, then cast Soul Warden , Weathered Wayfarer , or Azorius Guildmage .

Turn Three

You have three mana available and a devotion to white equal to two or three. Remember, those Borderposts count, too. We can do better though. Spear of Heliod can add two to our devotion. Kithkin Harbinger helps too, but has the added bonus of fishing up our dear shepherd . And speaking of fishing... Oxen lad can fish up some of our dope lands. And don't forget, our Borderposts' rule of returning a land to our hand should put us behind on the land we have on the battlefield (but still enough mana). Nykthos and the Pasture are our two trophy lands. The first can give us lots of white mana for our high devotion. The second will the there as a sac outlet for goats... just you wait.

Turn Four

Angel of Jubilation . Aven Wind Guide . Ephara .But our most important four-drop: Our Dear Shepherd . This baby will give us a goat for each and every white mana symbol we have (outside of lands). That's our borderposts, our creatures, our Spear . All of it.

The Goats

What can you do with them?

TLDR; high devotion. many goats.

Thanks for reading! I'd appreciate an upvote/comment. Tell me what yall think!


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