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Go Green, With Rhonergy!




This deck is fast for the format, with creatures that get big and walk all over anything thrown at them. Bigly Bigly Snek Snek.

Rhonas The Indomitable- This is our bread and butter. He's big, indestructible, makes things even bigger, gives them trample, and turns our Prey Upons into one mana kill spells, with his deathtouch and indestructibility.

Longtusk Cub- Our prime candidate to aid Rhonas in the hunt. He gets big all by himself, and just having one on the board by itself can quickly make things get out of hand.

Manglehorn- We mainboard two so we don't auto-lose to Mardu Vehicles game one. It sucks. That sucks. He's also in prime range to aid Rhonas in his hunt, using things like Rishkar, Rhonas's Monument, and Rhonas himself.

Prowling Serpopard- Fuck control. Fuck it. It fucking sucks. I hate it. Here's three mana to fuck control. Also, he's bigly enough to aid Rhonas in the hunt without even needing ramp. CAT SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE

Bristling Hydra- Just an all-around good card. He's bigly enough to hunt with Rhonas straight out of the hand, and you can pay to make him even bigger, and FUCK CONTROL!

Greenbelt Rampager- Holla Holla, get . He's also a 3/4, so that's nice. He's in the threshold to hunt with Rhonas, he just needs a little bit of motivation. Get him away from those artifacts he's destroying in his art. Let him hunt with the big snek guy. He'll love it.

Mouth- Make a big cuddly hippo. He can also become motivated to hunt with Rhonas, just like the Greenbelt Rampager Elephant Friend. However, The other side is why we play Mouth/Feed.

Feed- What? draw cards for every swole piece of ass we control? Oh HELL yeah! Give it to me! We're gonna be able to draw so many cards, it's gonna be great. If we have a monument and a creature out, that's a free additional card!

Prey Upon- Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why I masturbate. We already have bigger stuff than anything else on the board, but if there's a pesky Plague Belcher or Diregraf Colossus, we can just kill them! Rhonas doesn't need to attack to be targeted by Prey Upon, and his Indestructibility and Deathtouch means that Prey Upon at some point just becomes a kill spell.

Blossoming Defense- What? Did I hear fuck control? Yeah! Fuck control! Cast out beware, you no longer have a valid target! Also, it's a pump spell, so that's good. Motivation for some stuff to hunt with Rhonas.

Heroic Intervention- Once again, fuck control, but also fuck burn, and other forms of creature hate. It can also be just what you need to keep your board state as you trample through enemy lines for the kill. Put lethal on the board, I think we're done here.

Attune with Aether- Not only does it help you thin out your deck and find mana, but it also gives you ! That's a free 1/1 counter for Longtusk Cub! That's almost a free Bristling Hydra ability! That's a free Greenbelt Elephant Friend! That's a free 2 mana from Servant of the Conduit! The world is your oyster! Do whatever you want, I don't give a fuck!

Rishkar, Peema Renegade- This is the perfect blend of bigly and mana fixing. This motivates stuff like Greenbelt Elephant Friend and our Hippo token friends to go hunting with Rhonas! I mean, he also makes stuff tap for mana, so that's cool, I guess.

Servant of the Conduit- Get WHOOOOOOOO! But also, you can get mana from it! WHOOOOOOO! But if worse comes to worse, very little is more satisfying than a servant beatdown.

Aether Hub- Get for doing nothing but sucking dick in a fucking alley! It also taps for mana, so that's cool, I guess.

Forest- If only Foratog would get a reprint in standard...


Aetherwind Basker- Look of this swole piece of shit. The only reason we don't maindeck this sexy lizard boi is because he's 7 mana. Pull him in to close out very grindy games with lots of life-gaining.

Appetite for the Unnatural- Here's a nice little monkey boi to chomp down on some artifacts and enchantments. Bring him in to take out pain trains, hearts, solemnities, or anointed processions. Personally, I'd say the versatility of this card makes it a bit better of a pick over other lower-CMC cards.

Architect of the Untamed- We've got plenty of land on a pretty low curve. Let's make use of all of these lands and Attune with Aethers that don't do much late game. The only reason why we don't maindeck this is because we have better things to spend our energy on early game, so we don't have to make it to any sort of late game, where this card tends to thrive. Put this into a lineup against control, where games could go longer, and you can capitalize off of additional land drops.

Cartouche of Strength- Just in case you need some more removal. It's also super great to help ramp some creatures while also taking out a target on your opponent's board.

Manglehorn- Just remember that this kills gearhulk. Manglehorn's super good. If you hate artifacts, bring some more of these saucy bois in.

Mouth // Feed- Just another beautiful hippo boi to help ya draw cards if you're dealing with hand hate.


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