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Go Green Or ELSE!



Let our powers combine!

Earth - Arbor Elf

Fire - Legion Loyalist

Wind - Boros Elite

Water - Realmwright

Heart - Tormented Soul (You'd be a tormented soul too if your power was something this lame)

Our world is in peril. Progenitus, the spirit of the Earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. He gives five magic rings to five special young people. From some random forest, Arbor Elf with the power of earth. From some back-alley slum, Legion Loyalist with the power of fire. From the brothel down the street, Boros Elite with the power of wind. From his basement playing WoW, Realmwright with the power of water and from his pathetic life spent wandering around swamps, Tormented Soul with the power of... heart? With their five powers combined they summon earth's greatest champion - Maelstrom Archangel!

If you take this deck seriously... you have a problem


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