Paper Pauper Cheerios/Storm/Prowess

ANY and ALL suggestions/ideas/advice is/are welcome and appreciated!

Unlike most of my pauper decks, I do not actually have this one built in paper. It is just a brew, therefore it is "raw" and needs playtesting to see if it actually works.

The idea is to continuously cast 0-drops for Storm-count, then cast Astral Steel on an unblockable creature and swing for the win.

A ton of 0-drop Artifact Creatures plus a full set each of Seat of the Synod & Ancient Den should ensure Thoughtcast is always "Draw two" for .

Brainstorm helps you dig, reorganizing your hand AND the top of your library to set up your combos/turns.

After dumping a bunch of 0-drops on the field, you should then always be to cast Shared Discovery without problem.

Elusive Spellfist is your main workhorse. Protect him with Apostle's Blessing.

Glint Hawk, Ornithopter and even Phyrexian Walker can be cheap alternative attackers if Elusive Spellfist actually does get removed. The bird also allows you to bounce an artifact creature, which you can then immediately recast for , adding to your Storm-count.

SIXTEEN cards in this deck cost , play them as much as you can, and bounce most of them with Glint Hawk as mentioned above.

Casting your draw spells adds to your Storm-count, then casting what you get also adds to it (obviously =P).

When you've Stormed-off as much as possible, make sure you save to cast Astral Steel, then swing with Elusive Spellfist/Glint Hawk and cast your Storm card on it.

Again, suggestions are always welcome! Especially suggestions on a good attacker, with either hexproof, unblockable, or maybe even trample. =)

Thanks for checking out my deck, and if you like pauper, check out my collection of over 30 Paper Pauper decks here, at The Pauper Project.

Also, check out my profile, where you'll find some articles on Pauper, a collection of user-made resources for ALL FORMATS, and... songs. =D


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