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Glorious Infamy

Glorious Infamy


Trying to figure out whether or not I prefer Ajani, Caller of the Pride over Silverblade Paladin, or if I want to run them both (probably not). Also looking at either running Essence Harvest or running more one drops Doomed Traveler or Tormented Soul (I don't think the mana distribution would support this, though; nor do I think any feasible mana distribution would).

The idea is to get in stupid amounts of damage up until turn four or five and then to win. I have removal in Dismember and Go for the Throat, as well as temporary removal in Fiend Hunter to help clear the field so I can swing. One flyer to block Sublime Archangel or War Falcon ? Okay, Dismember. You get the point.

With 4 Champion of the Parish and 2 War Falcon I have a pretty powerful one drop most games. The idea is:

T1: Champion of the Parish or War Falcon

T2: Knight of Infamy or Knight of Glory or (if Champion of the Parish is out) Nearheath Pilgrim

This gets 3 damage in T2 because of exalted triggers, or 2 damage in and I gain 2 life, essentially putting a distance of 4 life between the opponent and me.

T3 gives me the options of:

2x Blade Splicer allows me to buff Champion of the Parish and gives me an additional body to benefit from Sublime Archangel's ability that grants Exalted. Once Scars rotates out Blade Splicer will probably be replaced by Attended Knight . Blade Splicer is also nice as it only has W in its casting cost, rather than WW, although this usually isn't an issue.

3x Mirran Crusader has super beat-face power with Double Strike combined with Exalted, as well as pseudo-evasion in its Pro-Black and Pro-Green ability. I'm jumping between 3:2 or 2:3 with Mirran Crusader and Blade Splicer.

3x Silverblade Paladin makes Champion of the Parish even more stupid, but also pairs well with the evasion that Sublime Archangel gets. Double Strike on one of the Knights also isn't too bad either.

2x Fiend Hunter buffs Champion of the Parish and removes a threat or potential blocker.


2x Ajani, Caller of the Pride for control matchups where I can afford to play a little slower and hit a little harder later in the game. I'm worried about running him mainboard because he feels sort of slow. I'll continue to test with him in mainboard, though.

2x Divine Offering helps me against Sword of War and Peace and any other artifacts that might be detrimental.

2x Doom Blade to either replace Go for the Throat against artifact decks or just to add in more removal if it feels necessary. (Thinking about taking these out for Ratchet Bomb)

3x Faith's Reward allows me to quickly recover from board wipe, the only problem is that on T4 I, ideally want to tap out for Sublime Archangel, but it's usually worth waiting to maintain board presence, or I just don't have Sublime Archangel in hand. (I might take this out once M12 and Scars rotates out, because I don't have to worry about Day of Judgment)

3x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben synergizes well with my deck anyway, and she really helps against Delver and other spell heavy decks.

3x War Priest of Thune helps me destroy enchantments like Obvlivion Ring or Intangible Virtue or Tempered Steel , what's nice is that he actually destroys them, and doesn't exile them like Leonin Relic-Warder; unfortunately, he only targets enchantments.

+1 if you like the deck, and comment if you don't. :)


Updates Add

Took out and added a few things. Namely added Blade Splicer and War Falcon and took out Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis and Lingering Souls/Gather the Townsfolk. Also changed up the sideboard.

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