Golgari control and graveyard recursion with Trading Post and Glissa, the Traitor. Seems like a good idea, and it's a lot of fun to play!

I would appreciate comments/concerns/playtesting/+1's if you like it!


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This event didn't turn out as I had hoped. I rarely had a misplay during the four rounds I played. The problem was that I was completely lacking in a component in competitive magic, and that is luck. I was drawing bad cards every game, or getting land flooded or no lands at all. I never saw answers when I needed them, and the deck has answers. I did the best I could with the cards I had, and it was never enough. I played some of my opponents in some just for fun games afterwards and I would crush them, and that's what really gets me mad about it because where the #### were those cards when I needed them during the games that mattered? I guess sometimes it just happens.

Another problem was that I was preparing this deck for all of the major decks in standard right now (I listed them in one of my posts). I only played one of those decks, and it's the deck that I have a terrible match-up with (Wolf Run Blue).

I'm not upset with how I played, because I played as well as I could and made little to no mistakes; I'm just disappointed that the deck didn't perform as well as it did in playtesting online. On to the results.

Round 1: Lost 0-2 vs Esper Haunted Humans. Game 1, my Black Sun's Zenith was leaked when I was about to stabilize. Game 2, couldn't find a BSZ to wipe the board and he exiled my glissa's with Celestial Purges.

Round 2: Lost 0-2 vs Wolf Run Blue. As I stated, this is just a bad match-up for me. I should probably have sideboarded some Ghost Quarters for this match-up because I knew it was bad. I didn't expect to see much of this, so I didn't make those allotments in my sideboard. Pretty much had to punt this round. I gave him a fight in both games, but Temporal Mastery and titans is so good.

Round 3: Lost 0-2 vs GR Elves. In game 1, I used BSZ twice to great effect but he eventually combo'd off a bunch of elves and a Fervor and then more elves until his hand was empty. I didn't have an answer on my next turn and then Ezuri overrun was lethal. In game 2, I got land screwed with 2 BSZ in hand (just needed a swamp and I would have stabilized).

Round 4: Lost 0-2 vs UB Battle of Wits. I have no answers in the main deck besides Karn and I didn't see him. In the second game, I never drew a Beast Within or Karn for an answer.

So really bad results on the day. But, I met some really cool people and got a lot of compliments on how cool the deck is. I'm actually sorry that it didn't do better because a lot of you have been really helpful with suggestions and commenting new ideas that I would playtest with and tried to improve my deck even more, and I wanted to do really well. Like I said, luck just wasn't on my side today.

#4 in tournament @ Main Street Magic — Aug. 17, 2012


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