My Glissa, the Traitor build. The original deck idea came from @BudgetMTGDecks Budget Glissa, the Traitor- EDH / Commander, but I have changed much of the deck and taken it in my own direction. I liked the recursion value the deck has, and wanted to build more on it, and make the deck more my own.

This deck seeks to use and reuse value artifacts that provide card advantage and ramp in the early game to establish a good board state. I'm using lots of cheap artifacts that can be sacrificed to draw cards, or search up lands, or even mana dorks and rocks to get ahead on mana. The mana dorks also serve double-duty later on for either artifact or creature sac outlets. I've kept a bulk of the artifacts at CMC 3 or less so that it is easier to cast them back onto the battlefield as soon as I get them back.

The Killing Field

In order to gain value from recurring my artifacts, I need opponents' creatures to die. There are a few routes to go through to make that happen. One is using a deathtouch theme.

Glissa, the Traitor being a 3 CMC Commander helps us to start the value engine early. Once I've got her on the board, I get aggressive with her. The opponents have to choose to either likely lose a creature blocking a first strike/deathtouch creature, or taking Commander damage 3 points at a time (at least).

Along with Glissa, I'm relying on a package of deathtouch creatures to kill off other creatures: Acidic Slime, Vampire Nighthawk, and Leyline Prowler. Ogre Slumlord offers some great synergy, making little deathtouch rats when creatures die. Royal Assassin is good at killing things, too. A package of "pinger" equipment round out the value I can gain from my deathtouch creatures, my favorite one being Thornbite Staff. It works nicely on a deathtoucher, and has a tendency to be a combo piece.

Another route I go is with creature removal; preferably, creatures I can recur with Glissa for more use.

I've also got other ways to implement creature removal, along with removal of other problem permanents.

Make the Sacrifice

A big part of the engine of this deck is in its sac outlets. I can sacrifice artifacts and creatures for value, or to ramp, or to combo off.

Extruder is great for pumping up Glissa. I've found great utility in Phyrexian Plaguelord, since I run a fair number of artifact creatures, and it essentially acts as another copy of Herald of Anguish, and many times works a little better.

Addition Through Subtraction

Using the sacrifice outlets on my own creatures provides ample opportunity to generate value from my creatures going to the graveyard, either in card draw or removal. There is a touch of Aristocrats value in the deck, too, taking advantage of artifacts or creatures dying.

A Token of my Appreciation

Being able to generate tokens is another value aspect of the deck. Tokens are free fodder and bonus resources that lead to more value. There are a few tricks in the deck that allow for infinite token generation.

Get Equipped With...

Bonus points to anyone who can list where that descriptor came from. It may be challenging, and it may date some of you, too. It dates me, too.

Anywho, Glissa, the Traitor, aside from providing great recursion value, has some good combat stats, too. To that end, it wouldn't be any fun if we didn't pump her up and turn her sideways every now and then. Here's a small list of equipment Glissa can use to smack some folks around.

There you have it, my take on Glissa, the Traitor. Please offer up any suggestions and comments. This is probably my favorite Golgari deck to play right now, and I think it's pretty damn decent. If you think so, too, please upvote!


Updates Add

I've got the Aristocrat package updated now, and the last thing I'm waiting on is Zendikar Resurget, and the update will be completed this week. Now I need to replace Deathreap Ritual with Moldervine Reclamation.

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