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Glass of the Gruulpact

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Hello all and welcome back to The Mad Shaman's Brewery!

After watching one of LVD's videos (check him out on YouTube, his content is great), I became I'm inspired to brew my own glass deck and this is what i came up with. So far, it's actually been really strong for a pile of cards that aren't that strong in the meta.


Your bread and butter is the big synergies, like Burning-Tree Emissary + Jund Hackblade to start a lot of quick damage on turn two, or a Bloodbraid Elf into literally any haste creature for massive damage from nowhere.

I've been able to put together many a t3-t4 kill with this. It's all about pushing through that massive damage as quick as possible.

You got stuff like Jund Hackblade and Boggart Ram-Gang to hit hard with haste. Burning-Tree Emissary to put extra bodies down for free, Dryad Militant as a one drop that works in the deck (and also screws with a lot of the meta), and so much more.

And the entire deal is pumped up by our build-around card, Glass of the Guildpact .

Current Variant In Testing

Currently, I'm testing The Druid Variant, which seeks to use Zhur-Taa Druid (My favorite card btw) to ramp into more things and ping all the while.

Next Possible Variant

No new variant has presented itself.


Thank yall for your help with this, and feel free to leave me a comment. Could always use a hand when brewing somewhat competitively.


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