Cheat out Griselbrand as soon as possible and win the game.

This deck sometimes maybe consistently wins on turn 2-4 with a possible turn 1 win!

Turn 1 win hand: Griselbrand + Gemstone Mine + Faithless Looting + 2x Simian Spirit Guide + Goryo's Vengeance + Pact of Negation

This deck has pretty complex interactions, please read the description before asking how it works.

Deck Primers:

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Griselbrand - This is the deck this guy was made to exploit, if this deck got better this card would be banned from the format. you want him out as soon as possible to start drawing your deck. His ability can be used at instant speed, as long as you are willing to pay 7 life you can draw 7 cards anytime you like. Exploiting this we should be able to draw enough cards to not only win the game the same turn he hits the field, but also protect the combo if our opponent has ways of dealing with it.

Goryo's Vengeance - Using Faithless Looting and Cathartic Reunion we can get Griselbrand from our hand into the grave, and then on the battlefield, exiled at the end of our turn (but the game should be over before that).

Footsteps of the Goryo - Counts as a second set of Goryo's Vengeance. Doesn't give Griselbrand haste, but his ability doesn't care about summoning sickness. Once you start drawing cards you should find a copy of Expedite to start attacking, if not you will likely be able to sculpt a hand that can win next turn.

Fury of the Horde - Once you've drawn a bunch of cards you might just find one of these in your hand, if you do you can get rid of 2 red cards from your hand and gain another attacking phase. Drawing more cards from the lifelink will often find you multiples which will win you the game.

Soul Spike - Another card we can cast for nothing, direct damage as well as lifegain, even if Griselbrand doesn't have haste this card will gain you enough life to draw more cards and likely net you the game.

Simian Spirit Guide counts as an extra 4 lands for acceleration as well as red cards to chuck with Fury of the Horde. If Griselbrand doesn't have haste you can cast Expedite while tapped out after drawing one of these guys.

Nourishing Shoal + Chancellor of the Tangle - Chancellor of the Tangle is included for acceleration into a turn 1 Time of Need fetching Griselbrand. With both the Shoal and Chancellor in my hand I can gain 7 life while still being tapped out. This really makes Griselbrand a lot easier to use, if he is still on the field you can draw even more cards and you will likely find even more Nourishing Shoal + Chancellor of the Tangle !

Pact of Negation is to protect my combo, I don't care about the cost because my opponent should be losing this turn anyways. Even if they manage to cast removal targeting Griselbrand I can use his ability at instant speed to hopefully draw one of these before Path to Exile or whatever resolves allowing me to counter it.

This deck's weak spots are:

Hand disruption, a turn 1 Inquisition of Kozilek/Thoughtseize will usually ruin your hand.

Hard counters, Spell Pierce, Spell Snare, Mana Leak, etc.

All sorts of graveyard hate. Rest in Peace, Relic of Progenitus.


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