Do you enjoy drinking orphan tears while watching your opponent descend into madness more than actually playing Magic: the Gathering, but can't afford to play Lantern Control? Luckily, you can be a sociopath on a budget with this Pauper Prison deck I have named Glare Lock. Glare Lock revolves around attaching a Ghostly Possession onto a Wall of Glare, which in turn allows you to essentially prevent any combat damage from touching your life total. The deck has a surprising amount of redundancy, with Palace Guard acting as essentially another playset of Glare Wall and Cho-Manno's Blessing acting as somewhat of an alternative to Ghostly Possession. Now that we have the lock established, how do we win the game? Soltari Trooper presents 2 unblockable damage per turn which can get past potential blockers held back by the Glare Lock and can start beating down before the lock is assembled. However, this wincon is susceptible to creature removal which is why we also run copies of Cenn's Enlistment as a means to turn extra lands into a swarm of 1/1 tokens to present inevitability. The other cards in the deck effectively act as a means to secure the lock, with Heliod's Pilgrim tutoring Ghostly Possession or Cho-Manno's Blessing, Gods Willing and Benevolent Bodyguard protecting important creatures, and Journey to Nowhere removing potential threats. Palace Sentinels in particular allows the deck to maintain card advantage, since it becomes rather hard for the opponent to take the monarchy when they can't deal combat damage.

Sideboarding in Mono White is tricky, but luckily we have tools to improve poor match ups. Dust to Dust is a house against artifact decks, which can be difficult to deal with due to being colorless and capable of swinging through our defenses. Circle of Protection: Red and Circle of Protection: Green help hedge against Burn and Stompy decks respectively. Celestial Flare provides us with answers to the Bogles and Kiln Fiend match ups, also acting as additional removal if we need it against other aggro decks. Coalition Honor Guard is sided against removal heavy match ups, letting us protect the lock more effectively. Gut Shot helps beat Delver decks, and Relic of Progenitus beats out graveyard shenanigans. Finally, Leave No Trace is our answer against potential curses and enchantment removal effects. Overall, the deck surprisingly isn't as awful as I expected with our only bad match ups being U/B Control and Burn. While janky, it's still a Prison deck in the Pauper format and proves there's still much to brew in the format.


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