This is a silly multiplayer based deck I brewed up after wishing I could use Abyssal Persecutor and Demonic Pact in a Zedruu the Greathearted deck. Then I decided to make it more chaotic. (While chaos is the main idea of the deck, I intentionally excluded a lot of anti-fun cards that just prevent people from playing.)

The general goal for this deck is to stall while everyone is confused about whose card is whose, until you can pull out a win.

With the way this deck is set up, most of the "win conditions" are actually a "loss condition" for another player, therefore the ideal way to pull off a victory is through Fractured Identity , which is the best card in this entire deck. I'll list a few of the notable interactions below.

Fractured Identity + Abyssal Persecutor -- no one can win or lose?

Fractured Identity + Demonic Pact -- gives everyone 4 turns to live unless they find removal

Fractured Identity + Thought Lash -- slowly, but surely exile everyone's library unless they find removal

Fractured Identity + Transcendence -- kills everyone above 20 life immediately, just make sure you aren't above 20 when you play it

The above also work for a singular person though cards like Donate or Zedruu the Greathearted 's ability, but the ones listed below are much more explosive, and can only be activated through Fractured Identity because of the "enters the battlefield" clause.

Fractured Identity + Leveler -- exiles everyone in the game's library, including your own. Hope no one targets you with a draw spell, and if all goes right you can just pass turn and make everyone lose in order of their turns.

Fractured Identity + Phage the Untouchable -- everyone minus the creature's controller loses

Now that the win conditions are out of the way, I'll go over my thought process for some of the other cards as well

Illusions of Grandeur is a classic Donate target, but it's probably best to avoid using it with Fractured Identity , unless you can afford losing the 20 life.

Captive Audience is like a cool new pseudo Demonic Pact that you don't even have to Donate . Nice.

Speaking of Demonic Pact , even though I listed it above in the Fractured Identity interactions, it's probably usually better to just simply Donate it away after using two or three of the options for yourself so that the choices don't get reset for your recipient

Form of the Dragon is a card that can be interesting to Fractured Identity or Donate , but be very careful with this one, as someone can just shoot you down on their upkeep if they have one as well. I'm not entirely sure the correct use of this card in this deck. In the past I've always used it with something like Phyrexian Unlife to make it very very hard to die, but I decided to leave out the cowardly pillowforting mechanics that I tend to use in every deck this time around. The closest thing we have in this deck is Transcendence , which will do the trick as long as that 5 is the only damage you'll take for the turn.

There are a TON of effects in this deck that swap control of creatures for the entire board, so in order to make those effects more interesting we're playing Opalescence and Starfield of Nyx .

With nearly everything on the board being a creature, Insurrection can be a cool turn 15 draw

Rite of Replication is already fun, and if all our enchantments are going to be creatures, we can use it on them, too

Brand can give you all your stuff you've shifted around if you want it back

Bring to Light is essentially Fractured Identity if you draw it, or something else if you're into that, I guess. Probably Fractured Identity though

Karona, False God can prove to be a (fun) threat, and the inclusion of Assault Suit and Vow of Malice help to make sure she isn't threatening to us. Since we're swapping around everyone's creatures all the time, we can attach these to someone else's scary creature as well. (You don't need control of a creature to attach Vow of Malice to it, but you do for Assault Suit )

Since we're playing a Zedruu the Greathearted shell with black and green added, why not throw her in? She's like a Donate with extra value. And she might fly around the table a bit, but that's cool too.

Static, beneficial(?) cards like Confusion in the Ranks , Dictate of Kruphix , Howling Mine , etc. are great because it doesn't matter who owns them, so you can swap to your heart's content and steal useful things while still keeping the effect of the permanents.

That's pretty much it I guess. A very fun and chaotic deck, without being too disruptive with things like Steel Golem . Hopefully no one at the table is adamant on keeping the game plan they came in with.


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