Gishath, Sun's Avatar is a heavy-hitting titan that really gets out of control. Coming in at a hefty , the name of the game is ramping up mana and keeping your opponents at bay until you can swing with Double Strike and fill up the board with fatties.


     Having such an expensive General calls for a lot of mana fixing. I've included a wide variety of outlets to ensure a speedy setup.

     For extra lands there's Blighted Woodland and Myriad Landscape and for extra mana there's a slough of Mana Rocks ( Sol Ring , Gilded Lotus , Signets, etc.) as well as some creature based options that are a mix of cost reduction and extra mana ( Otepec Huntmaster , Drover of the Mighty , etcetera).

     Finally a Smothering Tithe as kind of a stand-alone option (this card is really good if you haven't tried it yet).
     Nothing too surprising in terms of creatures here. Predominantly trying to make no Dinosaur spot feel wasted, as we want Gishath's triggers to feel good even if we only see one Dinosaur. Initially I was running about twenty Dino's, but found that without Double Strike the likelihood of turning up 0 or 1 trigger was too high. I've since added some more Double Strike options and upped the number of Dinosaurs.

     Some shoutouts to make would be Forerunner of the Empire and Silverclad Ferocidons . Forerunner gives us instant access to any creature we want with Gishath's trigger, and for bonus points allows us to trigger our Enrage creatures as well. The Ferocidons are a little more unique as far as red creatures go. If you have the means the proc a couple of damage triggers, your opponents' defenses get pretty thin in a hurry.
     The rest of the deck is more or less Protection, Removal and Card Draw. To help keep Gishath safe I've included Lightning Greaves , Alpha Authority and Canopy Cover . Boros Charm and Faith's Reward as well for a couple of utility options.

     To keep your opponents on the backfoot there's Thrashing Brontodon , Beast Within , Savage Twister and, of course, an obligatory Swords to Plowshares . To take advantage of all these big Dinosaurs, I've also included Sarkhan's Unsealing + Warstorm Surge , which when combined with casting Gishath will take away any chump blockers and increase our chances of getting that first swing through.

     For card draw options there's a variety of tools. From creatures like Ripjaw Raptor and Runic Armasaur to more consistent tools like Rishkar's Expertise , Guardian Project or Lifecrafter's Bestiary , it should always be possible to keep your hand stocked up. Huatli, Radiant Champion 's ultimate ability is easy to set up using Gishath's triggers, and then easy to protect with the creatures you just cheated into play!

In Closing

     This deck has rapidly become one of my favourites to bring to a big game. Your threat level to the board can be quite deceptive, quickly overwhelming the board in a moment. If you like big, beefy creatures and flopping your dong on the table, give this a deck a try!

     Thanks for viewing! Please Click Here to Upvote if you like what you see! :)


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