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Gishath's Hold to close

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recently optimized with a quicker mana base as well as some more enrage triggers Pyrohemia works wonders for this deck simply cause it triggers the rage faster and without loss of creature also i added quicker ramp with more mana rocks doubling land productions and creature pump such as Mirari's Wake + Zendikar Resurgent plus more ways to get big creatures out for less Sunbird's Invocation and for that sweet sweet removal Warstorm Surge + Cleansing Nova + Wakening Sun's Avatar + Zacama, Primal Calamity and to make Gishath, Sun's Avatar even more effective cards like Elemental Bond + Congregation at Dawn + Warstorm Surge + Familiar Ground + Asceticism + Rogue's Passage + Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion + Akroma's Memorial + Door of Destinies all for that sweet sweet dino ramp i hope you enjoy this deck as much as i do the mana base was a bit expensive but it was worth it


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