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This deck is built around ramping out big dinosaurs, triggering their enrage, and watching them stomp around the table destroying everyone else's land in the process. While everyone else is trying to rebuild their manabase, Gishath will continue to dole out the big hits, rolling out even more dinosaurs regardless.

Stranglehold will prevent your opponents from searching for more lands or that valuable counter-spell. Aura Shards will blast away your opponents' enchantments and mana rocks. Chaosphere will negate your opponents flyers. Price of Glory will make them pay for stealing the glory on your turn. And Wheel of Sun and Moon will keep recycling cards back into your hopper.

There are a few combos in this deck that will help you on your way to victory ("It's dangerous to go alone! Take this."):

Land destruction. Deprive your opponents of their most basic needs. Gishath cares not, it's a freaking dinosaur! Let the DINOQUAKE begin!



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