When i was a child, i loved Dinosaurs. Why did I love Dinosaurs? Maybe because basically they were these magnificent scalely and feathery beasts! These Primordial lizards that roamed the world for nearly 200,000,000 years. Trying to wrap your head around that when you're a 6 year old Is truly incomprehensible.

Anyway, I know many children loved dinosaurs too. but i was truly obsessed with them. I had a large collection of dinosaur memorabilia,mostly: toys and books,movies, and documentaries. And my number one past time? I loved to draw them!

My fascination with these pre-historic animals has faded a little as the years have gone by, but when i saw that dinos we're being incorperated into Magic, i couldn't believe it at first. It was kind of like my two most favorite things combined, and it was like a dream come true!

As far as my build is concern; Obviously Gishath really requires you go full tribal, so thats how i built the deck. Also, with the new raptor combo: Marauding Raptor + Polyraptor can go infinite 5/5's. And that with Zendikar Resurgent , can draw out my whole deck. Thinking about maybe adding a Warstorm Surge for a win con there. But it works just as well if the dinos are hasty. Which there are a few ways in the deck to do that. Just swing in with an arbitrarily large raptor pack! I hope that you like it as much as i do. Please leave comments and/or suggestions. And if you like it, dont be afraid to upvote! Thank you.


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