This is my take on Gishath, Sun's Avatar. I took a lot of ideas from different people, such as multiple combat steps, double strike, and the sorts. I feel the weaknesses in this deck right now are the fact there isn't much spot removal. This deck also has a hard time against decks that use enchantments and artifacts as win-cons. Ramp is also kinda subpar. I added some enchantment hate and hopefully will add more shananigans as I upgrade the deck. Suggestions and ideas are welcome!

for new players who want to learn how to pilot this deck well, I will add a guide soon!


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-A good hand is typically 3 lands (at least one green source) and ramp of any form. if you are missing a white or red land, don't fret! you can still get them through ramp sorceries (i.e Grow from the Ashes.) -Atzocan Seer's Sac ability is important early game if someone kills a dino you need, and if you have Gishath on board (and he gets destroyed) let him go to the graveyard and then fetch him again with the Seer -Shapers' Sanctuary is an important draw-engine! So is Runic Armasaur. -Garruk's Packleader, although mana-expensive, will draw you cards as you cast dinos or get free dinos from Gishath's ability -Boros Charm, Make a Stand are answers to board wipes. Don't waste them on saving one or two dinos. Save them for when you connect with Gishath and have a lot of dinos on-board. -Ephemerate is important for when you need to protect Gishath! Cast it targeting him in response to Murder, Swords to Plowshares, etc... -don't worry about Gishath being bounced back to your hand. He has haste so you can attack with him as soon as you cast him and then you'll cheat in more dinos. -Snapping Sailback has flash! cast him before moving to blockers. that way you can get rid of a creature AND trigger his enrage ability, making him a 5/5 -Raging Regisaur, Marauding Raptor, and Forerunner of the Empire are all important to trigger the enrage of dinos that have it. Raging Regisaur is particularly good because he lets you abuse enrage by pinging your own dinos. -having one of the creatures that give you an extra combat step (Combat Celebrant and Aurelia) plus any of the double-strike spells (Blood Mist, Boros Charm) turn Gishath into One Punch Man! He deals enough combat damage to eliminate a player (exactly 28 damage, to eliminate a player you need 21)


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