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Gisela, Angel of Earthquakes

Commander / EDH Angels Burn Ramp RW (Boros) Tribal



Ramp to the high heavens, cast Gisela, kill everyone with Earthquakes.

Gisela's effect is one of the strongest in the game, but she doesn't come cheap. The deck runs tons of ramp to make casting Gisela early and often a reality. If Gisela manages to stick for a turn around the board, the plan is to unleash major global damage using all that mana while taking full advantage of Gisela's effect to only take a quarter of the damage compared to opponents. Play angels to establish a board state and easily clean up any survivors.

Earthquake spells include Breath of Darigaaz , Flamebreak , Earthquake , Fault Line , and Molten Disaster . In addition, Chain Reaction , Wave of Reckoning , Solar Blaze , or Chandra's Ignition all serve similar roles as board wiping damage dealers. Add Repercussion to the mix and it's usually game over.

Gisela draws lots of hate, so use Darksteel Plate , Angelic Renewal , and Adarkar Valkyrie to help deter removal and keep her on the battlefield. Use Personal Sanctuary to protect yourself from all the global damage flying around or just drop Resolute Archangel late game to bring yourself back to the starting position.


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