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Gisela and the Seven Dwarves

Commander / EDH Jank RW (Boros) Theme/Gimmick


Forget Snow White, Gisela shares dwarven passion for blowing stuff up!

BREAKING: The absolute mad lads at WotC are printing the Seven Dwarves . Wish they weren't so boring but the thought counts!

The plan is to stick a Repercussion and fire off a much augmented mass direct damage spell once or twice while keeping your hunky dwarves happy by ruining housing fancier than theirs . If your fellow nerds deem themselves too fancy to play creatures, be generous and donate some or turn their lands into dwarven kindling .

Once you're about to lose because you decided to play a slow Boros deck in EDH, you can Enduring Ideal for Fall of the Thran to ruin it for everyone else as well. Who knows, some combination of not dying to negative life total while making sure you reach it and then sharing said life total with others or just pinging everything except yourself to death might eke you out the big W in the end, especially if no one's mom packed graveyard hate .

Or just praise daddy Bolas with Scroll Rack or Reforge the Soul up your sleeve.


  • The creature suite must be Gisela, seven dwarves, and nothing else.
  • And as always, ceterum censeo planeswalkers delendos esse.


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