They grow zombies on their family farm. Zombies and DOOM.

G and G

Tribal decks have a tendency to be similar, but I think this version is getting pretty good.

I really like using Commanders that generate card advantage like Gisa and Geralf. Especially ones that really take advantage of the graveyard. It's like a Zombie flavored Karador, Ghost Chieftain, which is one of my other favorite decks. But with the added tribal synergies of zombies and their cheap lords.

This deck can pile the damage on real fast and it never runs out of things to do. Your zombie horde grows, pumps itself, and keeps coming back over and over again. It doesn't have too many generic removal spells because I want every card possible to have graveyard or zombie synergy. I'm not trying to control the board much, mostly just flood it with zombies from below. The gameplan to beating most opponents is to just out race them.

Gimme a +1 if you love zombies!

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