Welcome to my Gifts Ungiven deck! The deck revolves around playing a midrange strategy until it is able to dump one of the fatties in the grave yard and reanimate it with Unburial Rites. Why did I choose this deck? Its made of what I find most exciting about magic. Playing big creatures, control with counter magic and discard, with reanimating and the Esper colors are what draws me to this deck and style. Another reason why this deck draws my attention is that there is many different cards that are in the deck giving it a EDH deck set up style. This is done because with Gifts you want to have multiple card options. To me this makes it have a refreshing feel every time its played cause no opening hands plays the same.

The 3 creatures I picked out all have a purpose to serve which I believe can help me win the match up against 90% Of the field.

Iona, Shield of Emeria is great against any mono colored deck, and can help prevent combo decks such as storm.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite shuts down any creature focus deck, and allows my spirit tokens/attack lands to be able to close out games.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind one of the most difficult creatures for an opponent to play around. They basically need a path or a board wipe to kill it. A go to against Tron as it kills wurmcoil. Jund cannot kill it. This sphinx can just swing the tempo of the game on its own.

Where does the deck struggle? Against any Blood Moon deck. It plays a greedy mana base, and I just don't think the way the deck is built, it's not really meant to conquer that archetype. If you have an idea how to improve this, let me know!


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