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Gideon's Prison

Modern WU (Azorius)


This is a white/blue control deck that i played during m12 standard. It was the best deck I ever made so I have converted it to modern. The deck aims to minimise the attacking power of an opponent's creatures by keeping them tapped with Gideon's Lawkeeper and Feeling of Dread . While that happens, Gideon's Avenger gets very fat very quickly. Dungeon Geists have been added to make a single creature limp and useless as well as being a fat blocker. There are a couple of counters in there (Mana Leak is amazing) and more can be sided in against other control decks.

Gideon Jura's first ability can be used to buy time or remove a big hoard of blockers and his third is a very useful hard hitter. he can also be used to tap out an opponent's creatures on turn 5 and then destroy them all on turn 6 with Sunblast Angel .

Please leave comments/ suggestions since I am new to modern and don't have much of an idea what I am doing.


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I have added in Path to Exile so I am not so vulnerable early game. Also added in Cryptic Command , Celestial Colonnade and Dichotomancy because they are fun modern cards. I'm not sure whether or not to put in Frost Titan . What do you guys think?

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