Formerly a Tiny Leader deck, this Commander deck focuses on giving Geist of Saint Traft evasion with enchantment auras, then uses Sundial of the Infinite and Strionic Resonator to build an army of Angel tokens. The deck's tempo and control spells provide additional advantage over its opponents.


Despite being Hexproof, Geist of Saint Traft is still vulnerable to being blocked. Providing evasion with one of the deck's 12 enchantment auras is vital to creating a win condition. Enlightened Tutor, Muddle the Mixture, Drift of Phantasms, Heliod's Pilgrim, Open the Armory, Dizzy Spell, Idyllic Tutor, and Tallowisp are used to tutor for those necessary auras. Card draw and selection is provided by 11 low CMC spells. Potential threats against Geist of Saint Traft can be eliminated with the decks's 25 removal spells and counterspells.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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