Basic Delver Deck. Use green instants to flip and then buff and swing for the fences.

Basic Run-Down for reasoning behind my choices:

Delver of Secrets  Flip - Great card, built the deck around him.

Invisible Stalker - Hexproof and Unblockable yes please.

Fog - Just has won me too many games to leave this little guy out. In a race for damage it can mean the differance between win or loose late game (i.e. around turn 6-8). Bonus - it flips the Delver.

Haunted Fengraf - I am so paranoid i am going to be without a creature at a crucial part of the game (because they killed it obviously). I don't know if this is really my best choice because it could be bad early.

Inquisitor's Flail - If they cant block my guys there is NO downside amazing equipment. I think in this deck its even better then

Runechanter's Pike - Somewhat slow but its a great card for any delver deck.

Ranger's Guile - In case of those pesky spot removal cards like Murder or Dreadbore.

Unsummon - In case of mass removal like terminus, supreme verdict, or mutilate.


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