a Ghave EDH decklist that focuses on creating a gigantic horde of creatures fast and repeatedly to smite the opponents.


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The deck is complete, quite strong and is a blast to play. It can either quickly amass a horde of tokens and dominate the field, go infinite with Ghave and win either via a way to kill the opponents or simply attacking with infinitely big infinite creatures. it also has the tools to simply deprive the opponents of creatures, artifacts, enchantments, or noncreature permanents depending on what card you draw to combine with the general. My only complaint is that it is somewhat vulnerable to any deck that wins from spell combos as opposed to creatures, since there is no efficient way to counterspell or otherwise disrupt sorceries or instants in these colors. Luckily that style of deck is usually too slow for that to matter.

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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