This is my semi-competitive ghave EDH deck. The deck revolves around card interactions between ghave making tokens creatures he creates. Several cards like Death's Presence, Mycoloth, Grave Pact, Primal Vigor and even Parallel Lives work to keep the tokens flowing. Sideboard functions as the multiplayer deck tech and blow out recovery stuff to keep me going after my opponents see the 30+ pegasus of tokens coming at them. The maybeboard has a few cards that I feel could work, but never seem too in my testing.

Cards on my wishlist are:

$18 Doubling Season - (Primal vigor for now)

$16 Vigor - Puts counters on creatures by blocking

$17 Doubling Season - Replace Primal vigor

Sadly most of these are out of my price range or out of stock so when I come into them through trades or lucky buying I'll be happy, otherwise I'm going to run their less effective brothers and sisters. Please let me know what cards I can add or remove and how I can get this thing to run a little bit better.


Dozing says... #1

Doubling Season would work nice in here wouldn't it?

March 28, 2014 9:12 a.m.

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