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My quick attempt at putting together a Ghave list. If list gets finalized in a sense eventually I will add a better description concerning card choices and details about specific combos.



TOOMUCHDOG1 says... #1

there are a few card draw spells that I might suggest for this deck Carnage Altar, Damnable Pact, Dark Prophecy, Decree of Pain, Dregs of Sorrow, Erebos, God of the Dead, Fruit of the First Tree, Greed, Inheritance, Insist, Mind's Eye, Nantuko Cultivator, Necrologia,Symbiotic Deployment Phyrexian Etchings, Well of Discovery, Wretched Confluence

Now, all of these are not perfect, and some will probably be easily vetoed but they all can function as good card draw in your deck. Well, besides insist, but that card is just nice to have.

November 1, 2016 6:14 a.m.

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