Ha. Welcome to the bottom of the barrel. This is a Food Chain deck that revolves around having a creature in play that whose power will increase each time Ghalta, Primal Hunger is cast. This allows you to continually re-cast Ghalta over and over again without ever having infinite mana in the first place. You then win through any other type of storm wins or lines involving infinite mana that can only be used to cast creatures such as Walking Ballista

Needed Pieces:

Yeah. Sucks right? There's six. Ready the greatest part? No way to tutor Food Chain either unless you wanna start playing some really trash cards. Smash people with Ghalta in the mean time? Up to you. Good luck. I don't promise any wins coming from this.


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No, we're not mainboarding viper, but we are main boarding something a little better.



Bontu's Monument was already sitting as like our 4th back-up win-con. So, in all honestly, it's not really needed. Oakhame is another pretty reliable draw-engine.


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+1 Mold Adder maybe