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Okay okay, was a little bit of click bait. As promised though, this Grand Arbiter Augustin IV deck can win as early as Turn 1!

This Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is extremely quick, staxy and at the same time is built with some Combo Wombo.

This is a blended approach for Stax & Combo.

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*Feel free to comment other early game winning hands - there's a bunch of variations out there.

Infinite Mana

Win Conditions


Nifty Interactions

Looking for Feedback

This build was derived from: Augustin's $t4ks. Looking for ideas on keeping it stax/control + combo. My apologies for the sloppy write up, haven't had much time to put things together. Feel free to comment additional combos/interactions, I know there's a bunch - just listed what was on top of my head.


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