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Get The Exterminator! (Izoni's Insect Swarm)

Commander / EDH* Budget Casual Theme/Gimmick Tokens Tribal



An Insect Commander deck I am working on to "Bug" my friends with.

Just making it to get as many insects out and hit them. More or less for casual play with people that play at the LGS. A fun gimmick that I am trying to make slightly competitive without breaking the bank.

Always open to suggestions on what I can add or change.

(So far the Deck is 2 wins and 10 losses against competition grade decks. So its getting there)


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After playing quite a few rounds with my friends, and getting a feel for the deck I'm now going for a more token focused deck. Swapped out Mazirek for Izoni, and am now working towards getting more insect token generation put in.

So far since refocusing on the Insect token generation it has won 2/4 games i've played with it. (6 losses before that.) So it has improved. Going to keep playing it and working the kinks out.

Added: Izoni, Second Harvest, Kraul Foragers and Kraul Harpooners.


58% Casual

42% Competitive

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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