This deck is a huge, unapologetic, expensive, meme. This won't come across on the deck list, but the deck is double sleeved and double CARDED! Every single card in the deck is in a clear dragonshield sleeve, backed with an m12 goblin fireslinger, and has a penny sleeve OVER the dragon shield sleeve for maximum IQ.

Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth also makes an appearance in the deck, and is here purely so I can say, "This is mah' swamp," as loudly and obnoxiously as possible. Kormus Bell is also in the deck because it's funny.

The deck really shines at combat. Your opponents will be scrambling to find ways to keep their things alive, and making deals, and no one will want to swing at you. When this deck kicks off, the board turns into a war zone, with chaos reigning supreme. In a way, it almost turns into a control deck, but with combat instead of counter spells.


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