Do you like hilarious win-cons? Fun group hugs for everyone's land? Get ready for a ride

This is my casual Genju of the Realm deck. Me and my buddy do a commander lotto every week where we pick a random commander and build an impromptu deck around it. We did a lotto for noncreature legendary cards and I got Genju. I wanted to see what I could do with land creatures because that's kind of a fun mechanic to play around with that I never use. Took me a little while to decide which way I wanted to go with it, and then I saw Living Plane. This is the card that the deck revolves around for multiple reasons. The idea of the deck is to turn everyone's lands into creatures as soon as possible. I had a 5 color mana base to play around with, so I included plenty of tutors. There's a few ways to get into your control zone.

Living Plane is the first building block for all of them. Once you turn all the lands into creatures, there are two obvious paths to take: Making your lands stronger, and killing your opponent's lands. And hell, why not do both?! Get Living Plane out there, and then you're gonna want to get one of the enchantments that buffs all your creatures. Personally, I like to throw out Humility before this, but it's not necessary. The more they're buffed the better, but it really just needs to be +1/+1. Once your creatures are buffed, then you're gonna want to throw out Night of Souls' Betrayal (or any of the sorceries I included to do the same effect for a turn). Congrats, your opponents lands and creatures (assuming you put out Humility) are now all gone! Not only that, but they also can't play any more land or creatures as long as your enchantments are out, and they cant remove them with no mana. You just won, congrats.

Another fun combo is to use a Pendrell Vale effect (such as The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale) once living plane is out. This one can burn you a little too, so be sure that you have mana rocks out before you use a tabernacle effect. Essentially, with all their lands being creatures, at the upkeep they're gonna have to sac every non-land creature and then choose between saccing all their land or tapping it all out immediately. As long as you have a couple mana rocks out, you should be good to go, just swing in with whatever creatures you saved with your rocks. Congrats, you just won.

Another fun thing to do is turn all their land into creatures and then play out Mogg Infestation, hilarity ensues. want another fun one? Living Plane -> Sway of Illusion -> Llawan, Cephalid Empress bounce all their creatures and lands into their hand. Also do you have more land than your opponent? Hit em with a Peer Pressure after Living Plane comes out. Need I say more? There are plenty of fun shenanigans to pull, and it's easy with all the tutors to pull the combo you want. I'd appreciate any feedback on this casual boi


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