Made this deck as a funny and stupid idea, but friends got me him for my birthday present.
For your sanity, don't... Just don't... Otherwise, sure. He's a fun commander deck.
Trying to punch your opponent with their own things. Tibalt, Rakish Instigator helps with them not gaining life with lifelink.
It takes hours of innovation and looking through the card database. After finding cards that would help the deck, it takes hours of matches to see if it is a good fit for the deck.
More Coming Soon...
The gameplan for this deck is to know when to play Dong Zhou, the Tyrant and when to go through with another plan. The deck can take a while to get set up, but the other players would not focus on you that you do have enough time to set up until everyone else sets their eyes on you.

Cloudstone Curio


Cloudstone Curio in play, Sneak Attack in hand or in play, Priest of Urabrask and another creature in hand.


With Sneak Attack in hand, cast Sneak Attack with one floating. Use that one to activate Sneak Attack and put into play Priest of Urabrask . With that, Priest of Urabrask will trigger giving you . Activate Sneak Attack again and put into play another creature. With that, you would have and Cloudstone Curio will trigger. You would bounce back Priest of Urabrask and you would do it again. Priest of Urabrask would come into play and you would have floating. Now, it would trigger and you would have . Do it over and over until you have enough to get through the turn.


Cloudstone Curio in play, Koth of the Hammer , another planeswalker in hand, and at least 6 lands that have the Mountain land type.


With Koth of the Hammer in hand, cast Koth of the Hammer . Use his -2 to gain the 6 or more .

With the mana, cast your other planeswalker and bounce back Koth of the Hammer to your hand.

With the 4 or more , cast Koth of the Hammer and bounce back the other planeswalker to your hand.

Rinse and Repeat until you have enough mana to go through your turn or have enough activation of your other planeswalker.


Cloudstone Curio in play, Ruby Medallion in play, Priest of Urabrask , and another non-artifact creature that costs in hand


With Priest of Urabrask in hand, cast Priest of Urabrask for . Priest of Urabrask will trigger and give you .

Cast your 0 drop non-artifact creature and Cloudstone Curio triggers. You bounce the Priest of Urabrask and recast it with the floating. You would have left and bounce back the 0 drop non-artifact creature.

Rinse and repeat until you feel you don't need to keep on doing it.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

To abuse Dong Zhou, the Tyrant , you would need to have a way to keep on recasting him. This is where the Cloudstone Curio combos come into play. With all of the ways to get the pieces into play, it would make the game plan of bouncing him back into hand easier.

-- Karn, the Great Creator : It's a great card and can help me stall out the game. It can also help me get back my artifact combo pieces from exile.

-- Jaya Ballard : I'm currently testing her out, but she seems to be a better Past in Flames and can give me a Daretti, Scrap Savant .

-- Goblin Matron : I'm currently testing her out, but she helps me get all the goblins that I would need, like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker .

-- Rite of Flame : It helps me get into a ritual chain and it can help me push myself into that extra mana that I need.

-- Blightsteel Colossus : It can get and will get cloggy whenever I would draw it, especially with how high the CMC is. I have thought about using it, but have not gotten the time and money to get it.

-- Heat Shimmer : I've tried it, but I never got the chance to draw into it. Even if I did draw into it, I never wanted to use it.


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