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Get called a Dick Deck (Multi FNM Winner)

Modern* Competitive Land Destruction Ramp RG (Gruul)



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Everyone hates this deck, but it shuts down the thousand dollar decks.

Ramp up while blowing up their lands and wiping their board, then close out with a very hard to kill Stormbreath Dragon. And get called a dick a lot by the guys with russian foil fetchlands.

Turn 1 Forest, Arbor Elf

Turn 2 Forest, Utopia Sprawl, tap-untap for 4 mana, cast Mwonvuli Acid-Moss to blow up their land and get a Stomping grounds

Turn 3 Stormbreath Dragon or Land + Inferno Titan

It craps all over decks with complicated mana bases.

You like running something against the grain

You like seeing frustration in your opponents faces

People will hate you.

It has trouble with linear, single color decks.

Seriously, people will hate you.

Anything three colored: Favored. Nuff said

Death's shadow: Good matchup, but assume a turn one Thoughtseize. Prioritize cutting black mana to keep them from delving a Gurmag or Tasigur. Most of these decks only run a handful of basics so a BloodMoon and 1-2 Ld spells ends it for them.

Dredge: I've been about 80% (when I had Scavenging Ooze maindeck. With current configuration it would be more of a challenge. Blood Moon normally shuts off Life from the Loam, and after sideboarding Anger of the Gods things look good.

8-whack: Surprisingly good. The Blood Moons are often a dead card, but there is enough life gain and sweepers to shut them down. Also, keeping them off 3 mana really hinders the deck.

8-rack: Horrible. I haven't even come close against this deck yet.

Pox: Challenging. It's hard to strike a balance between coming out strong and over-committing.

Burn: Good. The lifegain main deck can be handy.

RG Tron: Good, but be wary of Pyroclasm taking out your mana dorks. If possible, cut them off red before hitting the tron lands.

EldraziTron: Very good, just be wary of their nut draw of turn two Thought-Knot Seer when deciding hands to keep.

Scapeshift: Unfavorable. Even through Blood Moon shuts down Valakut, they ramp faster than you and start beating you with a Titan.

Affinity: 50-50. I have some probably misplaced hate for this deck, as shown in my sideboard.

Infect: 50-50. Keep back Beast Within for their creature.

MonoBlue Merfolk: Unfavorable. I think this is the Achilles heel for this deck. Spreading Seas nerfs Utopia Sprawl, Master of Waves laughs at your sweepers, the deck could care less about Blood Moon, and they dodge past your blockers with ease. Still looking for angles against this deck, but glad it's rare nowadays.

UG Merfolk: mixed: Blood Moon does wonder here, but the deck hits hard quickly. Only faced it once so far and was run over.

Lantern Control: Surprisingly good, I'm 2-1 against it. My affinity hate comes in handy as I have plenty of artifact answers to shut it down.

Elves: Unfavorable. Game comes down to you landing a sweeper before they buff their team.

Naya zoo: I think I should have a good match here, but in practice it doesn't work out that way. Maybe just the better players run zoo?

One of the downfalls of this deck is nerfing the your opponent right at the start, then failing to draw into gas as you watch them climb their way back into the game. Courser of Kruphix and the planeswalkers are here to help you draw into gas before your opponent can recover.

You will always want a hand with a green source and at least once mana accelerant. You absolutely want to be able to play a 3 (or 4) drop on turn two, either Blood Moon or land destruction. I always mulligan down to five if I don't have this in opening hand.

Arbor Elf or Utopia Sprawl on turn one: On those rare opening hands where you have both Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl, you have a quandary. If you lead with Arbor Elf, you have the potential to have four mana on turn two. You also have the potential to get blown out by a Lightning Bolt or Fatal Push. I will usually play it safe and lead with Utopia Sprawl on the first turn and be virtually guaranteed my three drop.

Cinder Glade - This is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it saves you two life over a Stomping Ground and that is relevant. Sometimes it enters tapped when you need one more mana to win the game. Consequently, this should be the red source target when searching for "forest" if it will be entering tapped anyway. This gives you the option of searching for an untapped Stomping Ground later.

Remember Blood Moon turns off your Kessig Wolf Run.

Prioritize killing their mana dorks. The biggest threat to this deck is often Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise.

Every once in a while you get to combo Birds of Paradise with Kessig Wolf Run to bypass an Ensnaring Bridge.

Tireless Tracker - Beater and card draw. Should be obvious, but hold off playing until you can make a land drop immediately after, as he draws a removal spell instantly. Will be adding a fourth as soon as I can which commander deck he's hiding in. Hilarious when Pia and Kiran Nalaar start tossing the clue tokens for 2 damage each.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar - This card is far better than it looks. To paraphase the quote, they don't look like much but they got it where it counts. Need chump blockers to buy time? check. Need to block a Etched Champion for two turns? Check. Need some fliers to finish the game? check. Need that small creature dead to direct damage? Check. Combos with the Clues from Tireless Tracker.

Collective Defiance - Fluctuates as a 1 or 2 of main. The real trick which this is the wheel effect on your opponents hand. Every opponent I've done this to (for 3 or more cards) has indicated how back-breaking it is. Remember you can still pay the Escalate off of a BBE cascade hit.

Courser of Kruphix - A new addition, this has overperformed. Incremental lifegain is often meaningful, and churning through land drops keeps you in gas mid game. Allows you to use fetchlands to change your next card drawn and lets you know what Chandra will hit with her +1

Trinisphere - My maindeck spice. This is both a combo and nonbo with BBE. Sometimes you live the dream on Turn 2 BBE into trinisphere. Sometimes it nerfs your BBE if it is already on the board. My philosophy has been it is great in matchups where BloodMoon is bad, so i run both main to cover my bases. And if I'm nerfing my own BBE, then I consider I'm already ahead of the game anyway with it on the field.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - another new addition that has overperformed. Ramps you to Inferno Titan next turn, digs for gas, and can remove troublesome creatures.

4 Stone Rain / 3 Molten Rain - running a 4/3 split lately, previously was 3 acid moss and 4 stone rain (with fourth in board). BBE relegated the Mwonvuli Acid-Moss to the binder.

Arlinn Kord   - Another piece of new spice. A harder to kill, easier to control Huntmaster. I've only resolved it a few times, not sure yet if it is critical or win-more.


Chandra, Pyromaster - I ran her for a long time. She was great for pinging away birds, getting a Titan past a chump blocker, and keeping me from flooding out. Cut her almost solely for space reasons, choosing Chandra, Torch of Defiance over her.

Chandra, Flamecaller - I love my Chandras. Eventually figured out she was win-more and strictly worse than an Inferno Titan in this slot

Huntmaster of the Fells   - replaced this slot with Chandra, Pyromaster and later Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Huntmaster was great against 8-whack and goblins, but I had better experience with the Chandras in other match-ups

Chameleon Colossus - Something for the grixis match-ups, and an rhonas enabler. Went from Sideboard, to Main, to out entirely as meta evolved.

Batterskull - one of the original pieces of the deck. Eventually replaced with another Obstinate Baloth. it came down a turn earlier and gives me the instant lifegain. If the game is grindy enough that I'm bouncing and recasting Batterskull I've done something wrong anyway.

Lightning Bolt - was very useful on occasion, but I felt it diluted the plan of the deck too much.

Thrun, the Last Troll - Control is less of a thing in my meta, so he lost his slot. If it makes a resurgence he may come back.

Crumble to Dust - There are enough match-ups where this has no targets I moved to the sideboard.

Scavenging Ooze - Was a real all star for a while, but replaced him with Courser of Kruphix once dredge lost popularity.

Acidic Slime - This card has moved in and out of the main. Sometimes it's just another piece of LD. Sometimes it's the perfect answer (looking at you, Ensnaring Bridge). Currently out as I'm running monster Ponza, but may put it back in if Rhonas doesn't pan out.

Garruk, Primal Hunter - provides a chump blocker a turn, or if you have a fattie out he can refill your hand. Was a maindeck all-star, but another victim to the sped up monster ponza paradigm.

Obstinate Baloth / Thragtusk - your roadblock for burn decks. Cut these for Finks after move to BBE build.

Sideboard Experiments:

Spreading Algae - added this in anticipation of Deaths Shadow decks. Found this was unneeded as they often only run 1 or 2 basic swamps. Maindeck LD handles those, Blood Moon the rest. Cute, but was unneeded.

Choke/Boil - Ran these mainly for the Merfolk matchup, still had a horrible time with it. Thankfully the fish have disappeared lately. For Merfolk, I'd side out the Bloodmoons for artifact hate and board wipe instead.

Dual Shot - Ran these when Twin was a thing and I needed a good answer for Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise. Added benefit of getting to say "pew pew" when I cast it. Eventually replaced with Sudden Shock

Electrickery - replacement for Dual Shot. Performed better, but didn't get to make the sound effect. eventually replaced when I went to 4 Anger of the Gods to deal with Dredge.

Sudden Shock - was important for dealing with combo pieces and mana dorks. Found I needed it less once I went up to four Blood Moons and gave up the sideboard slots to more Anger of the Gods.

Oxidize - replaced with Ancient Grudge which is strictly better, especially with lantern control being a thing now.

Torpor Orb - replaced with Grafdigger's Cage once twin was no longer a thing, as it still stops snapcasters without interfering with my board.

Destructive Revelry - The flashback on Ancient Grudge is far more valuable than the two damage.

Fracturing Gust - Had high hopes for this, but too often the decks I would side it in for, bogles & affinity, would kill me before I hit 5 mana. Ancient Grudge is better for Affinity, LD for bogles.



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