I've created this deck to swing early, swing often and dare my opponents to kill my creatures.

This is an aggressive build: Discard Gravecrawler, Bloodghast and/or Vengevine to pump Lotleth Troll, cast Gravecrawler from graveyard and another cheap zombie and now I have a 4/3 hasty Vengevine on the field as early as turn 3.

Recursion, sacrifice, and undying creatures keep the pressure on.

Card Uses:Gravecrawler, Bloodghast & Vengevine don't stay dead for very long.

Viscera Seer & Blasting Station, sack outlets with a bonus.

Lotleth Troll fills my graveyard and tramples through

Blood Artist syphons life every time a creature dies, and they die a lot.

Diregraf Ghoul, Viscera Seer and Gravecrawler make it easy to recur the Vengevines

Loaded the rest of the deck with removal so the zombies can turn sideways.

I do plan on adding Liliana of the Veil once I can afford a few of them.


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I used to have so much fun playing this deck when it was standard. I wanted to bring zombies to modern. Same basic formula, kill creatures to to damage and be aggressive with them.

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