Finally done testing and have landed on a solid main 60 of this dredgeless dredge deck.The game plan is to use engine cards to dump Prized Amalgam + Haunted Dead into the bin, hopefully milling some Narcomoeba and Creeping Chill along the way. You can swarm the board with a mass of bodies very quickly, and finish the job with Decimator of the Provinces emerging from the Haunted Dead and pumping up your team crater-hoof style, or with the evasion from the second half of Driven / Despair . Get ready to PIG your opponents!


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After continuously being unhappy to draw Deathrite Shaman after dozens of matches, I decided to replace it with something that worked well with the prized amalgam engine. I considered Smuggler's Copter , Ghoulsteed , and Scrapheap Scrounger . After testing, I found that copter was good, but didn't actually net me any more prized amalgam triggers in general. Ghoulsteed activation cost was too high at 3 mana + 2 cards. Scrapheap was the best choice, being a reliable beater that keeps returning, and it also netted me much more prized amalgam triggers in the end.

Also, Westvale Abbey  Flip did so much work for me that I decided to up the count to 2 copies, cutting a basic forest.


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