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My current Standard. 4-0'd a few FNMs, mostly 3-1s.

Still working out how to make the Gaze of Granite sideboard plan work. Currently siding in the Arbor Elves with the Gaze's to ramp out a fast x=2 or 3 Gaze, works great with the resilient creatures that can survive it. Considering swapping the Arbor Elves for Farseeks though.

Also thinking about Varolz, seems like a good fit, may not be worth a slot until Predator Ooze rotates though. Would also like to fit 2 more Skylashers in there for turbo-fog/Superfriends, dodge Azorius Charm and Tamiyo.

Also probably gonna change the sideboard removal suite, put 2x Putrefys instead of the Human Frailtys now that there are fewer Naya Humans and Humanimator decks running around.



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