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G/B Elf deck



Score: Unrated


Second version of my elf deck

magicbananas says...


This deck is not Standard.

September 17, 2012 10 p.m.

asinion says...


yeah my bad

September 18, 2012 3:02 p.m.

MitchellSocks says...


No Genesis Wave ?

September 18, 2012 9:56 p.m.

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Low Avg High
$57.28 $92.67 $156.76
Date added 1 year
Last updated 1 year
Legal formats None
Sets Magic 2013, 2012 Core Set , Mirrodin Besieged, Scars of Mirrodin, Rise of the Eldrazi, Worldwake, Zendikar, Lorwyn, Ravnica: City of Guilds, Onslaught, Urza's Saga
Cards 61
Avg. CMC 2.27

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