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A deck i've been working on for a while and at this point im a little stuck. It tends to win in my playgroup but I doubt it would do well in a competitive environment. Looking for some advice to improve it.



Call911FTW says... #1

Drop the Centaurs. Vanilla creatures are pointless when you could be summoning something better. Heck, Vampire Nighthawk is another 3 drop and look how much more he dose. I'm assuming you're slightly new and grabbed a couple of good cards and that's where your deck came from. That's a normal stage of MTG, don't worry. Think of a better objective with your deck, heck deathtouch + trample is ridiculous, you get to assign 1 point of damage to the blocking creature, kill it, and put the rest on the player! First strike and deathtouch is also a good combo. (invincible creatures). You also want more consistency with your cards, you've got a lot of 1-ofs sir.

January 10, 2013 9:24 p.m.

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