I have been wanting to make a Jeskai spell-slinger for ages, and Gavi has provided a perfect opportunity to do so! Taking a slightly different tac than the standard wheel/astral slide approaches, based around both of Gavi's abilities, this deck aims to control the board through major card advantage (card draw + cycling) and spell-slinging removal while protecting and smacking through tokens generated in the process.

Did include the cheeky Curiosity +Niv-Mizzet, Parun combo in case you need to close out a game.

Thoughts and comments appreciated!


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More tweaking, (thanks guys for the help),

Eerie Interlude --> Astral Slide While not an instant or sorcery, Astral Slide may be more versatile than Eerie Interlude

Mage's Guile --> Escape Protocol Same as above

These two are just recursion blink/flicker fodder. The creature pingers didn't seem to be too hand in games I have played. Slice and Dice --> Warden of the Eye
Starstorm --> Scholar of the Ages

Also, forget what I took out, but got my hands on a Decree of Silence, so that goes in as well.


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