Gatecrash Esper


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4 Edge of the Divinity = 4 Gift of Orzhova

1 Unburial Rites = 1 Immortal Servitude

Looking for answers to a couple problems;

1st: Control. I've never built a deck that has part blue and am overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of options i have for control. What should I keep/drop? (One specific foreseeable problem is Glaring Spotlight which is why I have nevermore in sideboard, but is there a better option incase they sideboard Glaring Spotlight?)

2nd: Mana curve. The deck consists moslty of 3 drops (Geist/Drogskol Capt/Gift of Orzhova/Lingering Souls). What are some other options I have for either mana ramping into 3 (without adding green) or 1-2 drops?


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